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360 Healthy Homes Review
Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner and Air Washer

not as clean as they sound

Written by Insideres

Note: I found no reviews about 360 Healthy Homes and the product they sell, Rainbow, online. I have decided to use this website to expose both the reality of the company operations and the real value of the machine they are selling.


This company lures new sales people by advertising for customer service representatives need. I received an ad on INDEED saying this company needed customer service representatives. I have applied for this job and met with the owner Joe Samaan who accepted me for the position.

I have accepted a training for 4 days from 5pm -9pm. Despite the fact that I was promised paid training I did not receive any money yet.

The company through Joe Samaan and Christine Lavoie concealed the fact that the positon is to sell a vacuum and air washer machine, Called Rainbow, for home owners in their homes, till the last day of training. They asked me to sign agreement without allowing me to read it fully. When I asked for more time to read the agreement, Christine became aggressive and took the papers from my hand and wanted me to leave. To this date they refused to compensate me for my training time.


Personally, I find paying more than 3,000.00$ for the rainbow machine is an act of madness. I can buy air cleaner machines available in the market for the fraction of this amount. For example, visit great vacuums website and you will find great air cleaner for less than $200.00. For vacuuming go the Canadian Tire Store and choose what is good for you, for less than 100.00. You can buy cordless vacuum with quiet mode for less than 100.00.

Simply, I found it strange to use my air washer machine to vacuum the dirt in house.

Don not be lured by 250.00 gift certificates, they offer to family accpets the a demo for the machine. After reading the conditions on the certificate, I realized that it is very hard for anyone to benefit from it and use it in reality: you have to fill and send to 260 Healthy Homes, the certificate 90 days prior to your arrival to the intended destination.

I have experimented with the machine inside a clean room at 360 Healthy Homes loacted at 2380 Holly Lane Plaza, Ottawa, Ontario, so I cannot endorse the alleged superiority of the machines and its features. The machine is made in USA: go find one made in Germany or Japan.

To be continued

On February 06, 2015 we received this e-mail

From: Gloria [mailto:********@*****.com]
Sent: Friday, February 6, 2015 2:29 PM
Subject: former employee from 360 heathy homes
I had been lured into that comanpy last summer, and find myself in the same position as you. I was never paid for my training time and when I quit the job I asked for payments for my one presentation hours they refused to pay but asked me to go through difficult procedures to get my pay check. Also when I asked the return of all of my personal document’s copy and the personal information sheet I filled out when I applied to the job. The sales manager (not Christine) was rudly yelling at me and shang me out of the room, when I came back with my mom and my brother to ask for the info agian she was screaming and almost swearing at my mom and my brother, she also threatens me if I dont leave the room in 3 seconds she will call the police and arrest us.

I am really mad at them, I want to whole Canada to know the dirty things they are doing. I support you exposing them on the internet! We should put this on facebook to get more people to expose them, eventually somebody has to something about it.

My landlord works in Canada Revenue Agency, he told me the reason why they kept our personal info is because in that way they can say that we still work there and when they do company tac collecting they can have more tax back. Basically frauding the government.

Sent from Windows Mail

On May 22, 2015 we received this e-mail

You can put this on your website. Please don’t put my last name or e-mail, thank you.

I too fell victim to his little 20$/hr scam. When I returned the vacuums saying I didn’t want to be a door to door salesman I made him sign a paper saying I brought all his equipment in mint condition as it was given to me. After he signed it I said I would take him to small claims court if he didn’t pay me the paid training as he promised in the interview. He said I was wasting my time and to get out. Within the hour I received a text with a compltely fake picture of one of his vacuums saying I used it for personal use and it needed to be professionaly cleaned for I think $400. I told him he signed a form saying I brought it back in mint condition and I took pictures before I returned them. He went on to say he had 2 witnesses, I did not reply.

I filed in small claims court his job postings, e-mail's his secretary sent asking for SIN # and drivers lisence as well as some of his blatantly obvious pyramid scam papers he gave me during training. He did not file a defence after I served him the papers in his buisness. After a month I asked the clerk to file a motion for default judgement. Default judgement was given to me within a matter of weeks. He sent a cheque that looked like it was written by an 8 year old but had his signature on it. I got it certified at his bank instead of cashing it and I brought in my court documents and they gave me the money.

If anyone else has fallen victim to this guys scam and have not received any of your so called paid training money, follow the steps above and bring this guys scam to an end.


Update on May 22, 2015

This is not my case but it seems someone else is suing him in small claims as well. It is the third one down, buisness #7949314 is 360 healthy homes. It appears they both hired a lawyer that should be an interesting one.


360 homes

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