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Private Investigation

Is Ontario legal system corrupt?
Yes beyond reasonable doubt
January 24, 2013

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Harvard Politics
Justice is illusion in the courts of Ontario, and judges are faking justice like prostitutes faking pleasure. Judges of Ontario courts are corrupt under bribery and threat of removal from office. Despite court proceedings usually the outcome is know in advance: self-represented shall lose and the better your legal firm the better your chances to win.

It has been widely circulated in the media that courts treat self-representative with disdain and unfairly. Surprisingly, we read in the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper a report on the treatment of a self-represented with an interview of one of the legal system victims Jamie Ryan. The judges, he says, treated him like a criminal. If regime-voice newspaper, like the Ottawa Citizen, is reporting on corruption in the legal system then things has gone so bad.

The legislations allow self-represented litigants to carry on legal proceedings, however you will be blamed by judges and deputy judges for not hiring a lawyer. In addition, you will punished for representing yourself, by maximum costs applied against you even the other side is represented by a flimsy lawyer.

We have to understand this dilemma. How this could happen in a country claims itself being a champion of human rights?

We have the answer. However, before expanding on our investigation we need to tell everyone why we are so qualified to judge and why we are so qualified to provide my own perspective: we have investigated many court cases, attended several hearings and trials with the involvement of self-represented against big corporations. For examples, Minolta for selling defective machines, Pitney Bowes for not honoring lease agreements and lately against JPMorgan with its multi-faces for denying to remove debt under my name as a result of identity theft.

We want to tell you that the USA failed to invade and occupy Canada militarily but the American Corporations succeeded using cash to bribe politicians and consequently to abuse the law and bring judges and lawyers to beg for their own survival. Judges in Canada are assigned by politicians not elected. Don’t expect judges to be better than the boss.

Canada is sold long time ago for few thousands dollar, shares and dividends provided to politicians since prime minister Wilfrid Laurier, or earlier, and consequently Canadians have already been enslaved through the legislations made by the puppets. Go and watch the “Hole Story” movie immediately and the movie “Inside Job” for further expansions on my statements.

According to the “Hole Story” JPMorgan, the founder of JPMorgan Chase Bank etc., has put his hands on much of the minerals in Canada by bribing prime minster Wilfrid Laurier in 1902 and other politicians. The “Inside Job” movie has exposed JPMorgan Organization: it has been a major player behind the latest fall in the economy worldwide and in U.S.A. in particular. The manufacturing machine of crooks exported to other similar organizations such banks. They all worked together to exploit the administrations of George Bush and Barak Obama to rip off Americans again and again.

In courts, you will never get justice unless the judge is exceptional one. If you are self-represented the lawyer with the other party will arrange through the clerks and staff to have the proceedings heard before the favorite judge. In exchange for money (bribery), or other favors, the lawyers will get what he wants.

However, if both parties are represented by lawyer the judge will take the side who is more beneficial, the side which is more profitable.

Gaudet Nusaar, has filed a complaint against Deputy Judge Lyon Gilbert requesting to be investigated for bribery. The complained was filed to Ontario Judicial Counsel and then transferred to Administrative Committee with Ottawa Small Claims Court. The honourable Gilbert, presided over a motion to dismiss summons to JPMorgan Chase Bank individuals. During the hearing he admitted he did not read the motion and he never seen its records before; however, he was ready to grant the lawyer of JPMorgan what he asked for, despite the fact its lawyer, Dustin Kenall, was classified earlier by another deputy judge as poor guy (flimsy lawyer as it is understood).

In a later proceedings, JPMorgan Chase Bank has called witness in the name of Amy Dolan alleging that she is a fraud investigator. During examination she was found to be a mere high school graduate girl, who could not enter a college or a university and was hired by the Bank as telephone operator. Amy Dollan claimed that within few months she became investigator and later changed her statement stretching the period to a year. When transcripts were ordered to compare here varying confessions during cross examination to her affidavit, it was realized that the transcripts were altered. In his own judgment, Amy Dolan was glorified by the presiding judge Terry McCarthy for being knowledgeable and so credible.

Pitney Bowes, PB, has leased a printing machines to AA Printing Inc, and then invoiced AA Printing Inc. double what was agreed on, albeit the leasing agreement signed by executives of both corporations. Consequently, AA Printing Inc. returned the machine and cancelled the contract. However, Pitney Bowes hired the appropriate lawyer in the name of Inga Andriessen who has the right connections in Brampton Court. Inga Andriessen sued AA Printing Inc. and the Judge granted PB the cost of the machine despite it has been returned, the value of the contract and other benefits totaling 30,000.00. How 10,000.00 dollar machine wine up worth 40,000.00 remained a mystery.

As a result of private investigation on Inga Andriessen, we found that she was shot at due here practices in courts by self-represented litigant.

Pulling another file, the honorable Deputy Judge Charles Tierney was found guilty, by Ottawa Reforms Assembly: he has been handing out orders in favor of lawyers and paralegals against self-represented parties for years and he is still practicing the same to this date. We witnessed how paralegal and lawyers crowd his hearing rooms like bees on a drop of honey.

Signs of bribery or other sorts of corruption during proceedings

  • When a judge claims that you are not credible or you are evasive and the represented party is credible. This is used as the last resort when the judge is bankrupt to find other reasons against you. Judges found guilty in using this dirty tactics include Susan Ellacot of Ontario Lord Tenant Board and Terry McCarthy from Small claims court.
  • When a judge alleges he does not have the material of the proceedings before him and ask you to give yours. You wind up without evidence to support your claim. The judge already stole them.
  • When Judges interrupt you and bully you then blame when you become angry.
  • Changes of judge last minute before the trial so the lawyer pick the right judge to guarantee you will lose: this occurred in divisional court when Martin James replaced other judges in soon before the trial commence to grant orders for JPMorgan Chase and Minolta.
  • Bribery is very likely to occur when Deputy Judges are hired on temporary basis and when judges fail to successfully form their own legal firms: Lyon Gilbert and Terry McCarthy have their own unsuccessful firms and work on temporarily terms with Ottawa Small Claims Courts. Both running firms for mediation which is a cover up for failure.

Which judges you must avoid?

Improve your chances if you are involved in court proceedings with Ottawa Courts. Ask to have your file to be transferred to another deputy judge and another judge if one of the following is the presiding judge (the list will be updated in the future):

  • Lyon Gilbert
  • Terry McCarthy
  • Charles Tierney
  • Martin James
  • George Bush
  • Barak Obama
  • JPMorgan

To be continued.

* Self-represented litigants ‘treated with contempt’, By Don Butler, Ottawa Citizen, January 1, 2013
* See the movies “Hole Story” and “Inside Job”

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