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Photo Finishers Supplies New York, Reviews
Written by Customer

In April 2016, I have purchased passport photo system UPX-C200. The following few days revealed that I was a subject to fraud by this company. The system is obsolete and it is at least 12year old. The drivers are for Windows XP and did not work with later versions such as Windows 7 and windows 10.

The passport photos were not near satisfaction. We have tried many settings and the quality remained unacceptable.

When I placed the order, shipping cost was 36.00 then I was invoiced 131.83 for the shipping.

I have tried to return the product but PFS refused the package.

When I called them to reach a resolution, employees barked at me, or put on hold and none answered. They refused to return my e-mails.

At the time of placing the order, Tasha called me to suggested adding more paper, and I have accepted. They charged me for each 4X6" sheet was 80cents.

I am stuck with this machine: I cannot return it and the photos are not acceptable.

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