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Corruption in Ottawa Court
Your neighbour is talking

by Gaudet Nusaar
Dear David McGuinty, MP
Dear Dalton McGuinty, MPP
Dear Ontario Attorney General John Gerretsen or current

There are reasonable grounds from citizens including me to believe that there is corruption in Ottawa Small Claims Court.

We demand an investigation.

We suspect the existence of bribery affecting the court proceedings along with threats of removal from position directed at Deputy Judges of Small Claims Court in Ottawa to influence judgments.

I myself I can name three (3) deputy judges who fall into this category: the Honourable Charles Tierney, the Honourable Lyon Gilbert, and the Honourable Terry McCarthy.

I have exhausted available options to complain. The only options available to complain such members is to parties who are from the same circle. It is useless to complain a member, to his or her own tribe.

The prime victims of such deputy judges are self represented claimants who are treated with contempt.

I am not sure if this attempt to raise your awareness will be useful to gain your attention.

However, please allow me to expand on this via further communications at your request.


Gaudet Nusaar
21-2420 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1V 8s1

CC: Ottawa Small Claims Court
161 Elgin Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2K1

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