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forgery, Perjury, forswearing by example

by Gaudet Nusaar
Citizen Assembly
Did you ever wonder how could billions and trillions could be made fast?

Did you ever wonder why the people of rich wealthy countries are with little or no money?

The answer is simple: big corporations are ripping off you me and the neighbours using Forgery, Perjury, Government Influence, Lobbying, Influence on Judges & Courts and Fraud.

JPMorgan Sears Fraud has been circulated widely in the media and a short list provided below. It is widely circulated that JPMorgan and Sears has recruited witnesses to commit perjury in court proceedings.

In this page I will probe one of JPMorgan affidavit writer and a witness with the name Amy Dolan who has been the main player on behalf of JPMorgan in a lengthy court proceedings vs. Gaudet Nusaar.

In her affidavits Amy Dolan presented herself as fraud investigator and backline specialist. However, under cross examination, she has confessed that she is just a mere high schooler who worked as a telephone operator for JPMorgan and Sears. Before you allow any contact with a person alleging to be an investigator you must be comfortable accepting the possibility of a low profile employee who is a mere high school graduate or probably a high school drop off. Ms Dolan was found that she neither received any education to be investigator nor any independent training.

When she was asked to elaborate on the meaning of backline specialist she replied that there is 2 lines working for Sears and JPMorgan. The first is to answer the phone and the second line (which is in the back) to investigate.


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    Thanks to Gaudet Nusaar for his contribution to this press release.

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