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Dirt from Ottawa
Your neighbour is talking

We have been for long writing good about the city of Ottawa, but it is now the time to expose the dirt beneath. Ottawa is a beautiful city but it is not a service oriented city and in fact this is a warning to newcomers more than evaluation.After fifteen years living here and many experiences with dentists, restaurants, mechanics, we can report personal encounters and experiences.

DIRT FROM OTTAWA"A member says that a crown was done to him in Dallas had fallen and lost it. When he went to Dave Campbell, B.Sc., D.D.S., and Dental Surgeon, who is practicing at St Laurent Dental Centre, to have new crown made, Dr Campbell damaged the tooth and consequently the tooth broke and could not have crown put on it again. "Dr Campbell over thinned the crown and weakened it, put a temporary crown which I felt it like a rough stone in my mouth. When I installed new crown, it did not last as the tooth broke" Mr. Mahmoud Said. Forget complaining to associations as usually they are more to protect their paid member not the consumers and taking practitioners to court is very difficult as you will not be able to find another dentist to witness against another dentist besides it is very likely that other dentist will backup another member of the same association. What is the solution? Ask people around you to recommend practitioners and workers before you pick on your own. Also review people feedback online and judge for yourself. DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW ONLINE.

" A complaint has reported against Dr Q. Vu, D.D.S, Dental Surgeon of Vista Bank dental Center, in which a member says that he went to treat chipped tooth. Dr Vu patched the tooth quickly and charged the patient 420.00 and the pain continued and when the patient went to another dentist the patient was advised that work of Dr. Vu was done without proper cleaning and there was a cavity beneath the filling, which caused the tooth to chip. It is our conclusion Dr Vu performance is for money only and in lack of skills to do the work right. If they there is no punishment by law or associations or social condemnation then bad service providers will continue to prey on their clients.

"Dr Roland Fuca, claims he can performs in-office-surgery. After trying him I found him an absolute disaster and he should be banned from performing surgery. He failed to remove small cyst in me. Five Appointments for small cyst and the cyst was not removed. He took sample (biopsy) and performed nitrogen treatment, but only left with scar without removing the cyst. Not only is he a shame on all doctors but also a shame on Ontario and Canada. Ask him to show you any successful records of any surgery done by him" A verified member reported.

" In Ontario, I have lived the experience of people where diagnosed with liver cancer. Instead of moving quickly to remove the cancer at time it has been small, the patient dragged into appointment after the other, specialist went on vacations, the hospital lost the file and the cancer spread all over the liver and to the other organs. The patient died while chances to lengthen his life were pretty good at the beginning. Remember: not less than 40% of Ontario budget goes to the health system.


Be careful of restaurants and eating out. Usually you pay high without the proper services from rude staffs that get mad at you if you ask for an additional napkin. To this date, January 11, 2012, I can name only 2 restaurants in Ottawa of positive experience enough to retain them again: Lone Star café and the Milestones Grill and Bar. Usually, Ottawa restaurants are not clean oriented and it is very likely you will get some kind of stomach upset. The city is not interested in raising the bar of standards as long it generates the money.


Over the past year several times the workers forget to tighten oil filters, caused spills and fumes, the recorded incidents happened with Gary's Automotive and Tony Graham Toyota. If car looses all the oil this will cause damages to the engines.Toyota Mendes have failed not only to repair my Toyota Cars but also failed to do the right diagnostic. Greedy for your money and let us get this customer attitude. If the battery is defective, it very likely that they will ask you to replace the alternator as well, they have confused themselves between right and left between passenger side and driver side. The repair department claims the parts department ordered the wrong items and when I go back to the part department, in their turn claims the part is correct and refused to return it.When I wanted to be ready for a winter, I have purchased brand new tires from a company called "Golden Tire" and a battery from Canadian Tire. Shortly after, I had to replace the battery because it was defective. For the tires, I had to pay another 60.00 dollars to have work red-done as the installation was not done right initially and cause the tires to lose air.


AA Printing Inc. bought a colour printer from Konica Minolta, found the machine defective with lot of problems. Konica Minolta failed to replace the machine and failed to fix it and failed refused to accept it back. Pitney Bowes, who is losing business right and left sells machine with an agreement signed by 2 of its executives fails to honor the agreement invoicing AA Printing Inc twice what the agreement says.

Homestead rents apartments infested with roaches and fails to pay for pest control to treat the apartment.

COURT: is it part of the problem?

Go to court and to hear the judges saying: well this is day to day life handing judgments to paralegals and lawyers against self-represented.

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