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Harper & Corruption: why now?
Your neighbour is talking

by Gaudet Nusaar
It has been well circulated now the news on the corruption in the regime of Stephen Harper.

A reasonable question one must ask is why the media, now, became so concerned about the corruption allowing it to occupy a good portion of its broadcasting time.

I feel I am qualified to make an educated guess. I have been researching on Harper for long. I know his background so I knew to where he was heading and corruption

My educated guess is that there are several Canadian bodies (forces or wings) want urgently to get rid of the Tout-Puissant.

It is not only because of the troubled marriage and relation with Laureen. It is the scandals surrounding the ongoing fights and disputes in the family.

First his wife has changed her sexual orientation and she is officially lesbian.

Secondly, she has chosen her female RCMP driver to go with.

Thirdly, and most important is the children custody and the fear they follow their mother in leaving the boss of Canada and probably they become homosexuals.

It is better for the country that Harper leaves because of corruption before the surrounding family scandals grow.

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written by Donald Gutstein, a senior lecturer in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, writes a regular media column for The Tyee.